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Evana akıllı radyatör termostatı, akıllı donanım ve kontrol teknoloji sayesinde oda sıcaklıklarının ayrı ayrı telefondan kontrolüne izin verir ve konutların ısınma giderlerinden %30'a kadar tasarruf sağlar.


Firmanın Diğer İlanları

Ref No Başlık Kıdem Seviye
REF-2019-127 IOS/Android Developer, Evana Stajyer
REF-2019-128 Sosyal Medya Yöneticisi, MottoJoy Giriş Seviyesi
REF-2019-129 Yazılım Stajyeri, Stajyer
REF-2019-130 Dijital Pazarlama Stajyeri, Lisa Stajyer
REF-2019-182 Yazılım, Subscreasy Giriş Seviyesi
REF-2019-183 Part time Mechatronic/Control/Software, PUYA Giriş Seviyesi
REF-2019-184 Volunteer UI Unity/Graphic/Web Design Intern, PUYA Stajyer
REF-2019-185 Pazarlama İletişim Lideri, PİN SMART Giriş Seviyesi
REF-2019-186 Saha Pazarlama Lideri, PİN SMART Giriş Seviyesi
REF-2019-223 Yazılımcı, iFilo Uzman
REF-2019-224 Tasarımcı, Giriş Seviyesi
REF-2019-225 Senior Backend Developer, Pubinno Uzman
REF-2019-226 Frontend Developer, Pubinno Uzman
REF-2019-228 Digital Marketing Specialist, Pubinno Uzman
REF-2019-229 Customer Success Engineer, Pubinno Uzman
REF-2019-230 Algorithm Engineer, Pubinno Uzman
REF-2020-370 Fronted Developer, HemenYolda Giriş Seviyesi
REF-2021-426 İTÜ Çekirdek Kuluçka Merkezi Uzman Uzman

Data Scientist, Pubinno - REF-2019-227

İlan Tarihi: 2.12.2019 Pazartesi

Genel Nitelikler

Desired skills and experience

● Pursuing MS or PhD. degree in Computer Science or related fields

● Excellent command of English

● Strong analytical skills to understand the personas for the commercial side

of the product according to field visits.

● Solid skills in applied statistics such as distributions, statistical testing,

regression, etc.

● Excellent understanding of machine learning techniques and algorithms,

such as k-NN, Naive Bayes, SVM, Decision Forests, etc.

● Significant coding experience

● Experience with at least one data visualization tool

● Proficiency in using at least one query language

● Experience with SQL and NoSQL Databases such as MongoDB

● Clear focus, creativity and passion for continuous learning

● No military service obligation or deferred at least 2 years for male


Please apply with your resume via and we will contact you

shortly, apply now!

İş Tanımı

Here’s what you will be doing:

● Build an amazing experience for the thousands of users who uses our

dashboards and mobile apps

● You will be helping to analyze the data we collect and generate actionable

insights for our clients

● Creating reusable analysis tools

● Selecting features, building and optimizing classifiers using machine

learning techniques

● Processing, cleansing, and verifying the integrity of data used for analysis

● Extending company’s data with third party sources of information when


● Enhancing data collection procedures to include information that is

relevant for building analytic systems

● Doing ad-hoc analysis and presenting results in a clear manner

● Creating automated anomaly detection systems and constant tracking of

its performance

● You should have a clear focus, creativity, passion for continuous learning

and dedication to ship high quality products at a fast paced and ambitious


● You need to be collaborative in domains outside of area of expertise

● You should be a quick learner and self driven to change the world

● Steps out of comfort zone (technically and professionally) frequently

● Thrives in an environment where requirements shift rapidly

Diğer Bilgiler

Tecrübe: Tecrübeli
Çalışma Şekli: Tam zamanlı
Kıdem Seviye: Uzman
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